Annoying MIDI issue with a brand new completed Struthi

When playing notes, nearly every time I release the keys of my Midi keyboard I get an unwanted short stab or repeat note played back. Anyone know if this is an internal MIdi issue of the Struthi or my computer?

The routing of my keyboard is as follows:-
Akai LPK25 via Ableton Live > Struthi. I have also tried using a Launchpad, User 1 mode instead of the keyboard but I get the same results.

ps I’m almost certain this has been asked before in another discussion but I couldn’t think of what to search for. Sorry if this is the case.

The firmware is v0.97 just incase this helps

Could you post an audio recording? Do you have a MIDI monitoring utility to see what kind of messages are sent to the Shruthi?

I forgot to say before that the problem only happens when I play “live”. When I play a pre-recorded midi part in Ableton there is no repeat note heard. I have attached a 4 bar loop with examples of what I mean. It was played with the “init” patch.

As for the midi monitoring utility, I have downloaded a utility from here and it seems to be working fine. Although I’m not sure what I should be checking for…

Ok I think I know what the problem is. The issue only occurs when I try to play a more than 1 note at a time but Struthi is a mono synth correct? Could the answer be that I’m trying to play the synth as a polyphonic device?

Yes, you have figured it out. Just like any monosynth, the Shruthi-1 can only play one note at a time.

Imagine you play a two-notes chord, C G. The two notes are not exactly played at the same time (you don’t have this superhuman power, and anyway MIDI is a serial protocol…), so they are piped to the Shruthi in some order, let’s say C G. So you briefly hear C, and then G takes over. When you release the notes, same thing - the “note off” messages are piped to the Shruthi in some order, say “G off ; C off”. For a short moment, G is stopped and you hear C again ; then C is stopped. This is the “stab” or “repeat” you hear. Normal behaviour for a monosynth!

Note that there are ways in which the Shruthi can handle chords:

  • You can set the mixer to “duo” - in this mode, one note goes to osc1 and one note to osc2 (like the polivoks or ARP Odyssey)
  • You can use the arpeggiator to have your chord arpeggiated - best way to get the synth to produce something meaningful from chords!

I don’t know what I was thinking! :slight_smile: Thanks for the help & that explanation though.