Annoying crackles (Shades & Beads)

Hey there all,

Happy to finally being able to be a part of the MI community ! I did start eurorack years ago because of VCV emulations, but only got clones, and now I’m building a Mutable only rack :slight_smile:

I ordered 2 Braids, a Beads and Shades, brand new from a store, and I’m waiting for a bunch of second hand modules [By the way, I had a high esteem of the generous eurorack community before seeing how a lot of people can sell their modules 20% to 50% more than they paid new without shame - thankfully I then found out about this warmhearted place :people_hugging:]

But here’s the real topic of my post :

My Shades module makes loud and annoying crackles when I use the switches and when at least one of them is set as a volume mixer. Since there is no video about this module, I can’t find out if this is a normal behaviour and if it’s not intended to be used that way, or if it’s a problem with the module or even with my old apartment’s power.

Also, on a side note, one of my Plaits had a bad contact switch, so I sent it back for replacement, and I noticed that the Beads makes a crackle when I click the central ‘audio quality’ switch. Maybe I just had bad luck on units ? I suspect that the Beads’ crackle is due to the draining of the buffer, but I find that annoying mid-session :confused:

Thank you for your time !

Shades: the discontinuity is normal when you operate the switch, the module temporarily goes through a state where the output is zero, as the connection is broken from one side of the switch before it reaches the other side. This is not software!

I don’t understand what you mean here.

Beads: changing the quality completely resets the converter at a hardware level to set the new sample rate, and also empties the buffer. The click cannot be avoided.

Thanks a lot pichenettes !

I guess I simply will have to get used to it and adapt my workflow so it wouldn’t do it live performances.

It was only a precision to say that it does not occur when nothing is plugged, just in case :slight_smile:

Thanks again and have a nice day !