Announcing Ambika

More info here!

Oh the dig is worth completing man… Seriously! One of the best. I love mine.

Here a little inspiration: :))

Few hours ago i had estimated amount of PCB retracing work for single-side pcb. Then i’ve remembered etching of Digital board PCB - only the third attempt was lucky. I can not decide. It’s all so hard (or i’m become too tired last time :).
But veroboarding MoBo with mega644 on this board is quite easy.

Built my polivoks pcbs from scratch. Same with SSM, CEM, Sidekick and the digital FX board I’ve started but forgotten about lol.

@schrab true. We just need someone to make an Ambika with no board at all, just a rat’s nest of components in a box.


I give up!

C’mon schrab: a Voicecard is only 2/3 the size of a Shruthi Board and the MoBo could as well be wired…

@schrab We all know you’re hardcore, though :wink:


That’s not a porn reference, incidentally.


Me not so hardcore as nicoo :smiley:

>How many of the people … have successfully built their own Shruthi-1s from bare boards (i.e. not from a kit or semi-kit)?
Even without bare boards :wink:

thanks for that flip


@toneburst: Just put the text between two AT signs :slight_smile:

@randy909: I think its the same as with the 707, the LoFi samples are sent through an analog envelope. Nothing that couldn’t be realized on a voiceboard though :wink:

I built my shruthi from boards. I was fully intending to build a polivoks and 4pm in the next few months but the Ambika will trump that plan.

Whats a kit? ;) Honestly, the only kit i built was Shruhti-1 #001 the rest is Boards + Processors + some rare Parts. I even built a Programmer without any Board would scare Titus to death…

How many of the people who’ve expressed an interest in being an ‘Ambika pioneer’ have successfully built their own Shruthi-1s from bare boards (i.e. not from a kit or semi-kit)?
Me, a few of them.

@flip: the DMX ran the samples through some analog filters if I’m not mistaken. I’ve listened to the raw samples dumped from the ROMs and they don’t sound much like what comes out of the outputs. Not to say it isn’t a good candidate, you just want to sample the outputs not dump the ROMs unless you plan to add a filter.

edit: wow, I’m way behind…

@flip how did you do that yellow quote thing?