Android/iPhone apps

@mic.w: thanks for resurrecting it! :slight_smile:

I find Chordbot quite nice to have when trying chord progresssions. Exports to midi files… not free though.

Loopy for iOS is the most useful looper of any kind that I’ve used and it is less than $5!

Can anyone recommend an audio recording app with a decent interface for the iPhone and/or iPad that outputs uncompressed WAV files? I have a hard time finding something suitable for recording instead of something optimized for voice memos.

Additionally, I’m looking for a good sample editor, and ideally something that can output MIDI SDS as well…

Tape by Focusrite is a very good and simple audio recording app. But I think it only outputs .m4a (apple lossless audio file).

You can use the “share” function of GarageBand to output AIFF which can easily be converted into WAV. Another way would be Auria (quite pricey) but I guess its a little over the top. I’m sure there are more ways to do it.

Hey t2k,

Have you looked at Multitrack DAW

You can export wavs from it, no midi capabilities but nice and simple to use- especially as you can download your whole session via wi-fi when you’re finished.