Android/iPhone apps

I thought it would be interesting with a thread about cool apps for your mobile device, the diy and synth related kind of app that is.

For android:
ElectroDroid: Very nice for looking things up, like resistor values.
EveryCircuit Haven’t tried it, but it seems excellent.
Stroboscopic tuner Stumbled upon it when I experimented with tuning my Airbase 99.

ElectroDroid looks really handy!

Things I use a lot:
Cleartune (iOS): very well made tuner
Make:Electronics: the book as an app, qute handy as a reference sometimes…
Control and TouchOSC: if you want to extend your gear with touch control (needs a computer though)

TouchDAW for android. Full on Mackie emulation with midi over wifi/bluetooh. Bestest five bux i have ever spent

Make:Electronics = bought. Thanks!

iStrobeSoft (iOS) Amazing strobe tuner

Elektor ETB (iOS) Resistor calculator, capacitor decoder, ohms law calculator, etc… This app is open every build I do.

StepPolyArp (iOS iPad only) great sequencer with virtual midi port to control apps on same iPad (great with the Animoog)

Elektor ETB is totally amazing! thanks!

Elektor ETB is totally amazing! thanks!

Yessssssss! many thanks to point us on it!

iCircuit (iOS). Run it on iPad! Totally useful :slight_smile:

There are countless iOS music apps. I particularly like these synths:

Addictive Synth (VirSyn)
Sounds impressive, but can’t really get into this one, for some reason. Nice option for velocity-sensitivity, which I’m surprised isn’t found on more iOS synths.

Animoog (Moog)
Beautiful interface, great to play! Sounds great, too.

iVoxel ‘Singing Vocoder’ (VirSyn)
I’ve gotta get into this one. It’s a vocoder with builtin basic sequencer. You can record your own words and phrases and build songs. Cheesetastic…

iPhone resolution only, but sounds nice.

Massively cut-down version of the full Alchemy desktop plugin. Sounds good though, and nice patch-morphing functions. You can’t really edit the sounds, and their business model for Alchemy iOS is obviously based on selling extra patch libraries through in-app purchasing, which is slightly irritating.

Awful GUI, but very flexible synth. Nice patch-randomisation and breeding functions. Patch-sharing via iTunes with the desktop plugin version.


Oh, and not forgetting

I’ve been keeping an eye out on eBay for the old Legacy Collection MS-20 controller which gives you hardware control of the iMS-20 software on the iPad, but the prices are getting silly, these days (presumably for this exact reason).


Also controller apps:

Classic! Also available for Android

This is quite exciting.

Both need PC/Mac-based editor to create new layouts, but both have good community support, with lots of templates already available.


I’m intrigued by EveryCircuit thanks for the heads up tb323. I have been using Electrodroid since not long after it was released and also use Droidsound for my SID AY/YM and MOD tune fix, gStrings for tuning and have been loving Milkytracker
I need to seriously start considering something like this: OsciPrime

@toneburst: MS20iC

yeah! Milkytracker for Android! The interface isn’t really ideal for touch based computing…

Anyone tried SunVox ?
Looks good! Available for both Android and iOS.

and for Windows, Mac and Linux as well btw! I’ve played around with it, on small devices (like smartphones) it’s barely usable imho, since the interface is really too crammed, but it’s a great piece of software on all the other platforms! what I really like is that it combines max-style patching with tracker-style composition.

  • Sunvox isn’t really firendly to use on an iPad, but it’s really a good tracker
  • TC 11 on iPad is for me a great Sytnh, with a really innovative GUI
  • Sound Cells: it’s an Otamata apps like: auto genrative melody with midi output, nice with a Shruthi
  • Sound Prism Pro: great for chord or arp playing when you don’t now like me piano chords and gamme, midi out toO, really nice for arp playing with a Shrthi
  • BeatMaker II: an MPC Like on your iPad/iPhone, really complete with FX, MIDI, …

i just saw that all korg apps are 50% off for the duration of musikmesse (april 10-13).

this is your chance to get your ims-20 for eur 13,99. :slight_smile:

Samplr is a really cool iPad app that can do many werid things to samples. And the touch interface is used to great effect in this app, something I can’t say about many apps that don’t take any advantage of it.

Heat Synthesizer Pro for Android sounds cool, I have it installed on my Samsung Galaxy Note. Still trying to decide how best to hook it to MIDI.

OTG Cable, class compliant midi interface. I can run my GM5x5x5 on the Galaxy S3 no problem

I’ll also add Caustic (Reason clone) for android

oh wow i accidentally resurrected a one-year-old-thread!

well then: yellofier is fun - and it’s free!
(and it comes preloaded with some nice little musical haikus by hakan lidbo et al)