Android app wanted for resistor scanning

Hi Folks,

digging through the old shoeboxes I found a bag of mixed up, unsorted resistors - thinking of a way to effectivly sort them. I found several apps with the color codes of resistors, but I thought something that would be able to scan those thingies with the camera wouldn’t be too dificult, considering that scanning of QR codes is widespread right now. I couldn’t find something like that on the app store, so maybe somebody of you knows an app like that?


PS: alternate strategies to sort a pile of resistors would be also welcome… maybe it is not worth the hassle at all, considering that it might take longer to identify and sort them compared to the cost of rebuing them in nice bags. I just hate to dump perfectly working and new parts…

I would recommend it as a good opportunity to learn to read resistor codes… I also recently learned it after a few years of DIY and it’s so handy! I still keep messing up the higher numbers but for that i have a color code hanging on the wall.

Oh and i only recommend sorting them if it are 1% metal film resistors or better. Usually they are blue and have 5 color stripes, of which the last one is brown. Carbon have 4 stripes and the last one is gold.

To be honest: i measure every resistor before soldering it, saves a lot of hassle while troubleshooting issues and forces myself to reassure it is the right one for the place…

I use resistors with plaintext on it!

They are quite thick. Is this miltary stuff? It looks like they could survive a thermonuclear strike !

I want them…. where did you buy this?

right here