...and now Clouds


Well, that hasn’t happened to me once in the last ten years of using synths so I won’t hold my breath.

I’m not saying Clouds is a bad instrument, I’m saying I don’t like it. I knew I didn’t want to use it as a simple delay/reverb. I wanted to explore it as a synth. However, I don’t like how it sounds or any of the functions. Everything I’ve done since I got it has been ruined by it. I’ll send it back and go for something else.

On a positive note I got a Warps this week too and I love it! :heart_eyes:


Out of curiosity - is it the Clouds sound or the general ‘granular’ sound that doesn’t do it for you? I’ve never been very much into the granular synthesis sound myself, simply because I don’t (subjectively) like (95% of) it’s sound qualities.


I have a microgranny and I like how it sounds, so…

However, these are samplers and how samplers sound depends on what you put into them. When I use my microgranny I might put a piano line into it, fuck that up and tempo sync the mess via midi. I live the results I obtain this way.

With Clouds it’s different. I have it in my eurorack. I try to put what I make with my modular through Clouds and whatever I try to do with it I get something back that I like less than what I put in. Naturally, this is due to what I put in and what I like. I can see a use for Clouds on drums for instance but I don’t do drums in my eurorack and I record my drummachines track by track for later DAW treatment, so I can’t use Clouds for drum processing. And there are many more limitations like that due to my personal work flow.

It’s not you Clouds, it’s me.


Of course you’re totally entitled to not liking Clouds or granular sounds or anything else. Music and sound is a personal thing. No question about that. :slight_smile:

I would argue that what the Microgranny does is a very specific type of granular synthesis that borderlines on not being granular at all, so it’s very likely that somebody does not like granular as it is usually implemented but does like the Microgranny’s sound.


Hi Lisa

I took me a long time 6-9 months before I finally figured out Clouds. The main secrets seem to be 1) Calibrate the module before you do anything (that was my first 3 months). 2) Lots of wild modulation at subtle levels I end up using a about 6 of those little RYO Airtennuators to control the CV levels. 3) Clouds likes to fed particular sounds; speech and vocals, audio with lots of changes in pitch and amplitudes seem to be its favourite fodder . Clouds doesn’t seem to play well with droney type sounds (IMHO anyway)


Mmmm… The modules are factory calibrated…


Hi Pinchenettes

sorry I didn’t realise that the modules were factory calibrated.

Thinking about it I calibrated my Clouds around the same time as I started to understand how I could make use of the module. I suspect the coincidence of me understanding how to use Clouds and my calibrating made me connect the 2 events.

Please accept my apologies for causing any insult or misunderstanding.