And here goes another open source synth kit

It’s called Lush One (“le chouane”).

2x digital osc from an AVR (no band-limiting, a handful of static waveforms), MS-20 style VCF, no VCA, no ENV, VCO2 usable as LFO. Bananapatchable, though with such a limited feature set there aren’t many ways in which it can be patched. The electronics side of it looks competently done, with proper filtering of the PWM side.

Could be a recommended project for the people looking for something cheaper than a Shruthi to cut their teeth on. It’s just £59! (I doubt they’ll be able to sustain this price though).

looks kind of simplistic, but I agree might be a project to start with, doesn’t seem to complex.One thing I don’t like at all (a thing I don’t like about many DIY projects like this) is that it’s not really well thought out regarding case building. You basically have to keep the PCB “naked”, which si something I don’t really like.

It astouning how a Case turns a PCB into a Product, ist’nt it?

It has a case but it doesn’t work that well with the straight-through-PCB bananapatching.

I like the banana-pcb style.

Nice M6x40 screws, probably intended for use in an AircraftCarrier?

It IS an aircraft carrier. The 9 volt compartment is actually the lift, the pcb is exposed so the IC (ie. strip runways) can be accessed. In its currently shown format we can see that it is actually anchored.

Ah, so what we don’t see is the catapult that shoots the PCB from the Acrylic FlightDeck?

That is the actual reason for the exposed pcb. Those aren’t actually bananaplugs but the carefully designed and ultra secret BunganaPlug cord (I don’t know how to post the TM sign darnit!). One flip of that switch send that pcb into high frequency flight.

Call me modern, but I like a display on my synths.

@6581punk so you won’t be making an Anushri, then? :wink:


Depends how bored I get, it’s not the sort of thing that appeals to me. But I know there’s plenty of people who will like it though.

Kinda reminds me of an old adlib soundcard…

The sound demos speak for themselves…
Ain’t my cup of tea, but the mechanical bits are interesting.