Analogica Performances – Call For Entries

Since many of you here are musicians (well… most I guess), I thought I’d share it here as well…

I guess this needs a little preamble, though. Since several years now, we organize a small but fine festival dedicated to making art (film, photography and sound/music) with analogue media and devices, called ANALOGICA. The festival was born as a showcase for artists working with amateur analogue film (Super8, 8mm, 16mm), but has always had a focus on photography and music as well.
This year, for the first time, we also have a call for entries for performance-oriented projects. See more details here:

Nice! … Good reason to think of a fully analog project.

it doesn’t even have to be 100% analog, the important thing is that the analog part is the clear focus of the project and an active and conscious choice.

please let me bump this one time just to be sure. I won’t bug you anymore after that.

I love the idea, but I am no where near it. I can’t wait to see the performances though!

We’ll hopefully shoot some video… cough… super8 of the performances :slight_smile: