Analog input to control note on step sequencer?

I would like to know if it is possible to add 8 potentiometers to analog input and control midi note in real time on step sequencer app, like the traditional analog steps sequencer.


Build a mb seq4 lite?

This requires a few changes in the code (at the moment the sequencer code doesn’t do anything with the analog inputs, which are left floating), but this is doable.

It will be interesting for new firmware add this feature. A digital sequencer style analog.

I won’t do that. 99% of the MIDIpals out there are not modded with pots, so it won’t work on them.

+There’s a ton of products that already do that, none of them hard to find…

if you want a sequencer like that, maybe check out gorf

Interesting the gorf.

I think it is still interesting… even if 99% is not modded. maybe more interesting is to do this hack on the arp.

Hmm, analog input to midi note number would indeed be very very handy, aside from users connecting pots it would also have a use for guys with modular. Another thing that would be cool is if the analog inputs could be configured to return a set note number on a logic high, imagine things like triggering samples on a MPC from a clock divider on the modular, could be a lot of fun. I think these features would appeal to a lot of modular users, so in turn it could generate some extra sales, and if there was little PCB available with protection diodes even better! If I had half a clue about such matters I’d program it myself.

Another thing I thought of would be to connect a 20cm softpot and a button to 2 of the analog inputs, the button allows the softpot value to be read whilst held, throw in some scales and you would have a pretty kickass ribbon controller complete with quantization.

Not criticising midipal at all, I am very happy with mine, but I would buy another just for use as analog to midi processor - it could even have a separate firmware and become another product in its own right IMHO, especially if you added a little daughter board with protection diodes in place and perhaps LEDs to indicate presence of a signal on a particular input.

Would you be satisfied with 8bits accuracy?

This is not a midipal anymore… you are talking about the ModularPal™

The old “exactly like this BUT…” Story…

Yes exactly and i stil want usb host functionality. Oh and i want to have a function on the scale processor so you can transpose the incoming notes on a second midichannel. This because my Urzwerg has a functionality to transpose the sequence with a midinote but it only works on the CV’s and not on the midi. The midipal scale processor together with a analog style sequencer is awesome btw.
You are right there wil always be people who expect and want more and more… (but) Sometimes there are real needs and therefore great product ideas hidden in those questions.

@shiftr, you don’t even realize how true this is. For every second MIDIpal I sell, I get an email asking me to add such or such firmware feature to solve a very, very particular problem, with the promise that if I do it, I would sell truckloads of those. This is the frustrating bit about this product - people have MIDI problems so hairy and diverse that making a programming environment capable of handling all these cases would be reinventing Max, or worse, C++…

The interrestIng thing is you products generate demand. If you own a midipal a world opens and you want more… if you own a shruthi you want another one…

Maybe you could develop a TurtleLOGO aimed for MIDI :wink:

Whoah! Didn’t mean to upset anyone, was just a suggestion, the hardware already supports what I suggested, as I said I am very happy with my midipal as-is, just thought it would be cool and relatively simple to add a bit of functionality that would be handy for modular users, but if that is not the case I’ll shut up :wink:

If you want usb host AND flexible midi routing, you might want to take a look at getting a raspberry pi and running something like: