anaLECTRIK, first batch of metal cases

Now I just have to replace the X-mas lights with Shruthi guts.

Wicked ! How are they made?

I had Protocase make them for me, from my design.

Killer, I always wondered about that place. Can I asked how much those cost? Everything I have quoted there came out to a ridiculous number

You kind of have to make at least five or six to get the numbers to work out. I had six made for $120 each, not cheap, but I wanted a certain look. There is no extra charge for different powercoat colors which helps. I’m making three for myself, with Mission, Polivoks and Digital, and the other three will go elsewhere (friends, retail… we’ll see). These are not “drop-in” cases, they are designed to have a protective bevel for the display, and the LEDS are case mounted through little holes, and the heights of pots and buttons need to be dealt with, sometimes creatively, I haven’t worked out all the details yet. :slight_smile: That’s part of the fun I guess, it’s like a three dimensional puzzle.

Phew! If you do your part and get the holes in the right place (in design), they will do their part and put them in exactly the right place (in manufacturing). I needed to check that before getting too excited about the cases. :slight_smile: