Anafrog contest

Here are the entries for a “100% Mutable Instruments track” contest held on french analog synth forum Anafrog.


quite cool! so envious :slight_smile:


Wow, very impressive!

great to see how everyone is using them for such different stuff & to such good effect…

Very nice stuff!

hey people, let that be an inspiration to make some great music ourselves!

Glad you all like this project.

I won’t organize that at an international mutable level myself though. At least not soon.

Anyway, feel free, soundcloud users, to comment on the songs as much as you want, ask questions on how it’s done, which machine plays which sound, etc… since the descriptions are incomplete, and in french!
Most participants will happily answer all your questions.


Really enjoyed listening to all of those tracks. Great work to all involved.

@geishaballs: yeah that’s understandable! Organizing things like this is always a lot of work isn’t it?
Anyway you did a superb work with this one already!

Hei, actually with a little more organization, it would have been pretty easy.

Next one should be cool with some anticipation.

Glad you like it anyhow.

There should be a zip file with all the mp3’s available for download pretty soon (as soon as every artist is ok with that, i’ll post the link in here).

Maybe we’ll try a contest in here, I’ll talk with Olivier about that, maybe we could try something with a little more restrictive conditions. Which would allow every mutable machine owner to compete with the same possibilities as the others.

if it is possible I’d like to be included in this? Could be a fun thing!
edit: I mean for the organisation of this, I’ve been wanting to organize a Mutable Music Contest for some time now…
And I totally agree on the restrictions thing, makes it more fun!

i like restrictions.

@shiftr some girlfriends of mine would be aroused by reading this :slight_smile:

the mp3s are all inside this lovely zip, as asked by some of you on soundcloud, enjoy your favourite mutable cooked track in your ipod or whatever.

and @rumpelfilter let me breathe a little and finish that track I’m on which does not include only mutable but also the rest of my studio before a new mutable contest :slight_smile: then we discuss several ideas of which restrictions/themes/rules would be fun, would truly show the potential of mutable synths and would motivate people. I already have some interesting ideas after this froggy contest.

@geishaballs (what’s in a name?) … euhm… musical restrictions.

edit:(are those girlfriends on the pictures on your site 8-D ?)