An Album made with a 100% Mutable System: Interlaken - Versaux

Dear Mutable Community,
I haven’t posted on here in some time but I think this should be interesting to some of you:

A while ago, I started a small label for naive electronic music called Seil Records. And today (April 12th, 2017) we released our first album digitally and on tape: ‘Versaux’ by Interlaken

It’s a wonderful ambient piece by forum member REVIVER, who is behind the monicker ‘Interlaken’. He recorded the whole album on an eurorack system full of Mutable Instruments modules. So I’m curious if you can hear the Mutable sound. Made with a tape release in mind, it features seven one-take recordings and consists of 2x 15 minutes runtime tracks, simply named Side A & B.

Versaux is available in a limited tape edition on bandcamp as well as for download. It will be a ‘name your price’ (free) download on bandcamp for the first two weeks. After that, it’ll change to the regular price and be added to all major download & streaming platforms.

I’m very proud of our first release and hope you enjoy it, too. And if you do, maybe follow artist and label on what’s to come. Here are two excerpts from our soundcloud page, should it be possible to embedd bandcamp players as well, please let me know.


For those who are interested, the following MI modules were used:


Hope ya’ll enjoy! This definitely wouldn’t have been possible without Olivier’s incredible designs.

Oh, I really enjoyed it! I have never been into modular stuff, but this was something different!

Thank you! Glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

Hi Reviver, Great work, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you, mqtthiqs!

Should also be noted that where Parasites firmware is applicable, it was most certainly used at one point or another on this release.

So thank you as well for all of your work!

Wow, this is awesome. Had to get the tape too :).

Awesome! Thank you for the support, bonobo!

Lovely release! It was already on my wishlist, I think somebody on another forum (maybe recommended it already. Didn’t know so much Mutable was involved though, though it makes sense in retrospect. :slight_smile:
The question if you can hear the “Mutable Sound” is a tough one. I remember there was quite a discussion on the Muffwiggler Facebook group some time ago, about Clouds and Rings/Elements being too recognizable. I think I did hear some Clouds when I first listened to it, but it’s very subtle. I guess this has more the artist’s sound than a Mutable sound

Anyway… reminds me that I have to get a tape before they run out!

And good luck with the label!

Thanks so much for the kind words, Hannes! Big fan of your work, so that’s a huge compliment.

Cheers for the support!

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Thank you so much for your support. Very glad you like the album. We are thrilled by how well Versaux is perceived. I will ship your tape tomorrow.

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This is so pretty. On repeat the last couple of hours. Had to buy the tape. Thank you!

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Awesome! Thanks a lot. Your tape will be sent off today as well.

@reviver: thanks a lot! I hope it helped to find inspiration a little bit!
@boboter: cool, really looking forward to getting it, the album art is really well done as well!

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really enjoyed your work just followed you on SC

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