Amplifying gate/trigger signals

Hello first post to this forum.
Any recommendations of a module to increase voltage levels for a gate or trigger signals?
It would be helpful if the same module can increase audio signals to modular level.

Circuit Abbey Gozinta
Broken silicon Gainsburg

Thanks Pichenettes!

So Veils can do the same as Gozinta, with more channels and more options?

I’m not sure it’s able to amplify incoming line-level signals up the Euro levels. VCAs usually just attenuate, I think (despite the name).


Veils can give +20 dB of gain (well, with some settings it can actually go beyond that).

The difference is that this gain will be achieved by a VCA IC which is always going to be noisier than a (non-voltage controlled) audio op-amp.

Thanks toneburst, maybe Olivier can help on this subject.
With a gain of 20 I guess you can reach at least 5V…
All this with the intention to have only MI modules on the rack!

Thanks Olivier, everything is clear now! Goodbye Gozinta…

If you want massive gain (80dB) you can just patch all the vca in series. But as Olivier said, you’ll get some noise.

Actually… the protos had a +20dB limit on gain that I have lifted in production. Now it goes above +40dB.

Good lord… So much gain.
I’ve incredibly happy with my beta-unit. Both as a traditional VCA, external input and mixer.