Ambika XT

Hi All,

Any chance an Ambika XT would come any time soon?


Depends on your definition of soon.

If it happens, it won’t be from me.

With its 8 pots, roomy 40×2 display, and “one button per page” control, I don’t think an XT edition will make as much of a difference for the Ambika as it does for the Shruthi.

If it happens from my side it will be a dedicated MIDI Controller. But for now I’m with t2k.

The MIDI CC and NRPN values are in the manual, so you can setup any MIDI hardware controller to control an Ambika.


If it happens it should be a Ambika XT keyboard.

Yes, please.

You do the case, i do the electronics :wink:

Shruthi first, then Ambika.
Have you contacted Fatar according to keybeds? (discussed in Shruthi KB thread somewhere sometime)

I’ve never seen it in person, but the SuperSynthesis Super 37 uses “custom” keys - I wonder where they got their’s from? The resulting product is very attractive, in any case (though very pricey).

I thought the M4L device for Ambika control was promising

Would the Ambika choke on midi messages to keep editing bi-directional?
Would it have to wait until Live sends Sysex?

"Would it have to wait until Live sends Sysex?"
You could also wait for Aliens appearing serving free Mango Lassi i guess.

I heard that the man downstairs will celebrate the coming of that day by wearing snow shoes to work.

I would perfectly be satisfied if Live would handle simple things like CCs or NRPNs right. Or have just a tight timing, yes, you may call me HERETIC. I tried the actual free demo to play some simple sequences via MIDI …. and then had instead quite a bit of fun with CyClic + CVpal :wink:

Ok so no Sysex fml

From what I’ve gathered so far it seems less likely than an Ambika XT.


I see your Ambika XT keyboard and raise it to DUAL Ambika XT keyboard, the hybrid 12 voice monster synth we all need.

An Ambika 2XT 49/61 Keyboard sounds like a dream synth!


61 keys with aftertouch.