Ambika XT - how much processing power is left for it?

Why wouldn’t you take your Cirklon with you? Its the most rugged piece of gear i own, i guess 20% of its weight comes from all the screws and spacers that hold it together - the rest is pure metal. Your Beatstep will break far easier - and then can’t be repaired i guess. Backdraft is you need a car because of the weight….

My BCR was bought used for a song and it works well. I think some ppl will just go on dissing it because it’s a Behringer… Egg, meet face!

I’ve been sketching a MIDIBox NG using all those lovely LED ring encoder boards you can get. That and some OLEDs, buttons and status LEDs would let me have hardware control even of the FS1r or the K5000s… Of course, I’d do some easier synths first.

@fcd72: I have the pads on the Beatstep programmed to act as an 8 octave keyboard. 8 banks of 1 octave a piece. It is the smallest “keyboard” device with a MIDI DIN port I have, and that is why it gets taken on the road. The sequencer is cool, but not the best. There are some conflicts between SEQ and CNTRL mode too. However, what it lacks in a sequencer it makes up for as a very controllable S&H module.

@Jojjelito: I haven’t had any problems with Berhinger amplifiers. Other gear seems to be hit-or-miss. Sadly, the BCR was a “miss”.

@audiohoarder: yeah, it’s sad when your own example of something was assembled on a Monday or on Friday after lunch. There’s always lemons and it sucks.

@pichenettes Could that 5mA current loop, opto-isolated be incorporated into the current motherboard design (as a small extension board) or would it require to alter the design?

Would that be the SPI interface that would be directly exposed?

Heres a Pic of Oliviers car:

an here is a link to the official Mutable Instruments Data Interconnect Specification Files who’s earliest revision is dating back to 1982

Obvioulsy MI is hyper quick with implementing your request.

Dough, I didn’t saw the reference to MIDI from the beginning :slight_smile:

"We could call this the “Mutable Instruments Data Interconnect”."
It is Monday morning and I am having my first coffee in the office. Reading this just made my day. I love this kind of Mutable humor! :slight_smile:

I would be really psyched to see an Ambika XT tons of encoders/displays for instant access… hopefully someone manages to do this :wink:

I know of people who used external solutions with MIDI merging in their own Ambika XT style boxes. You could use a MIDIBox NG with those tasty LEDring boards for some Ambika programmer fun, people have made their own PG-300 boxes that way. The MKS-50 has a very simple voice arch, the Ambika would do well with more controls.

The icing on the cake would be a full decoder overlay that shows the parameter status of the current patch on the hardware LEDs and displays.

> The icing on the cake would be a full decoder overlay that shows the parameter status of the current patch on the hardware LEDs and displays.

I wrote a patch to the firmware to do exactly that on a BCR2000… I have to build my midimerger, or wait 'till my 4x4 midi box arrive to update it though…

+1 for an ambika xt

hopefully it could stay the same size

Take a peek over at MIDIbox if you ain’t seen it at Facebook - Hawkeye posted a pr0n pic of the LED ring board and a couple of OLEDs running on a STM32F4-based MIDIbox NG. It’s going to be a nice controller, way nice. Time permitting, it could be whipped into an Ambika XT.

More to follow during spring :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t have Facebook :confused:

As both Hawkeye and I get more work done we’ll detail more about the thing over at MIDIbox. When I return home after New Year’s I have 10 OLEDs, lots of LED ring boards to build and the STM32F4 core to deal with. Plus a few X360/PS3-style mini joysticks and a couple of Omter joysticks if those small ones are too imprecise. I’m gunning to do the Prophet VS controller setup after the MKS-50, then I’ll deal with Shruthi, Ambika and Anushri.

In the mean time, a touch screen and a Ctrlr panel may suffice?
I know, c*mp*t*r is a bad word here. :wink:

is the plan to have it as one unit or an external mpg 80 controller style?

The plan is to make a bigass modular MPG-80 stylee box, or a collection of Boxen; at least in mine and Hawkeye’s case. It will be using a few of the the existing 2x8 LED ring boards, clickable encoders for parameter acceleration, an Omter joystick for that feeling of Vectory. Oh, and postage-stamp sized 128x64 OLEDs between the LED rings showing which parameter goes where. The whole light show will be housed under a transparent gray acrylic plate.

I’d love a CTRLR panel! I just won’t have the time beyond helping someone else in a little collab effort in that case. I’d love me a Lemur panel too, or whatever MIDI Designer-ish there could be in the case of the Ambika and Shruthi.

MIDIbox is very modular, so there’s nothing stopping anyone else from building an Ambika XT with everything integrated. Or to swing their own Arduino or PICAXE-based solution.

I’m going to make my controller setup switchable between a few synths begging for some lurv - I have a bunch. The K5000, Fizmo and FS1r will be innarestin’…

Pr0n pic of the WIP down in the Bavarian mountains at Hawkeye’s:

This is only a preview. The rest of this will be discussed over at MIDIbox in time.

> Oh, and postage-stamp sized 128x64 OLEDs between the LED rings showing which parameter goes where.

yes, oh, yes!