Ambika works but with blank screen


I have just bought a Ambika in U.K
I have put a french power supply with correct parameters :

but when i switch on the Ambika, i have a blank screen :

When i turn the buttons the ambika works (i think) because turning it make changes with the LED.

  • I can’t find in Ambika Manual if there is a display brightness dial.???
  • Have you an idea ?

Many thanks for your help!
best regards…:wink:


You can try adjusting the LCD brightness according to the build instructions:


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You re a Genius!!..:wink:

I’m glad to hear it was that simple.

I am accountant and musician, engineering for me is a drudgery…:roll_eyes:…lol

but in fact the problem isn’t totally resolved…:thinking:
In fact there is a bad contact and when I press on with resistance adjustable the screen goes off …
There is a picture of the other side of the resistance adjustable, do you see something of unusual ?

Many Thanks for your help!

The image is not exactly high-resolution, but the solder joints look quite bad. Let’s hope the rest of the machine is better.
Those joints could very well be causing the problem. If you can, redo those solder joints.