Ambika with seaboard rise 25

does anyone have any experience setting up seaboard rise to control ambika? is it better to set up a multi channel/multi timbral kind of set up or single channel with the poly aftertouch. have a feeling it could be great but a bit stumped setting it up.

Not sure Ambika is able to handle poly aftertouch, but it does with mono aftertouch, hope I´m wrong though, I love the seaboard´s expressivity.

yeah, i read in an earlier thread the ambika supported poly aftertouch. it was one of the reasons i went for the seaboard. just trying to get the best way to set them up together to maximise that expressivity

Ambika supports poly aftertouch? Wow, did not have that in mind, would be amazing to have a 2xAmbika + Seaboard 49…

The manual describes the “aftr” mod source as “note aftertouch” so that might indeed support poly aftertouch.