Ambika: Will there be a kit with case and all parts?

well, yes, i wonder if a kit is planned.
i thought so, but it’s not (yet) in the store at the moment.
tnx for clarification, guys.

With the pionner batch and now the first official mobo batch, i can’t imagine the rush when plexiglas cases will come…
I hopes that olivier has planned at least 50 of them.

Yes. Stay tuned.

From memory, the kit will include the motherboard, one sound module, and the parts for them both. You get one voice, and from there expand.
I couldn’t wait (and didn’t see the point if i had to buy 5 voice modules of parts anyway) and just ordered the motherboard and 6 x SRM4 :slight_smile:

Edit: There are probably others more in the know however…

Full kits (Mobo + 1 SMR4 voicecard) will come.

ok, excellent, thank you all. :slight_smile:

No more full Ambika kits available?

See here: Will come back at the end of the year. - scroll down, post 10 from Feb. 11th