Ambika - weird encoder behavior

Hallo Ambika users/builders. My beloved fruend is acting weird. The two left encoders seem to be connected somehow, the top one is controlling the values of both of them when you turn it. The bottom one is constantly flickering between two adjacent values rendering the synth unusable since the wave form of oscillator two is changing between two different ones several times per second if you’re in that editing mode for example.

Anybody had these problems? Could it be a software/firmware thing or is it likely to be a hardware error? I didn’t build it myself but bought it from a guy who promised to have a look at it but I thought I might as well ask here too. If it’s a matter of re-flashing or something I think I could nanage myself.


Unlikely to be a software problem.

  • Cause #1: of flickering values are an overloaded PSU.
  • Cause #2: Atmega644p popping out of its socket.
  • Cause #3: bad solder joint, or blob of solder causing a short between two MCU pins.

Great, thanks Pichenettes! I’ll forward this to the builder