Ambika w/ SVF voicecards - Glitchy sounds and strange audio behaviors?

With just 2 voicecards in ports 1-3, 4052 IC on voicecards 1-3 is still getting very hot.

With just 1 voicecards in port 1, 4052 IC on voicecard 1 is still getting very hot too.

My ICs are 4052E but not 4052N. Have they different specs ?

What’s the full name of your chip (CD or 74HC?), where did you get it and do you have a datasheet? There are some variants of the 4052 which are for +/- 5V only - and they will start getting very hot if Vcc-vee exceeds 13V. This might be the problem here. Enabling the HP or BP mode sets the logic inputs to +8V which might cause even more overheating - shorting.

The full name, written on the top of the IC, is:

  • first line = (texas Instruments symbol) 65E833K E4

  • second line = CD74HC4052E

I’ve bought them at Reichelt (ref. 74HC4052) following the BOM available on the DIY SVF voicecard webpage. I’ve just check again this webpage, and to say the true, maybe I looked for this IC myself at Reichelt instead of Mouser and missed the fact that the IC I’ve selected was a little bit different. I don’t really remember why I’ve select this IC on my own, I normally follow strictly the BOM …

I’ve just download the datasheet of the IC I’ve bought, but them I’ve reach the limit of my knowledge in electronic … Just seems that the ones I have, have a lower voltage rating than the ones you’ve reference at Farnell. That might be the reason of my troubles ?

Fortunately, you’ve also provided a Farnell reference for this IC, so I might order a new sets at my local Farnell representative here in Reykjavík.

Hédi K.

I’ve edited the BOM this morning because the Reichelt part has changed. Last time I bought 405x from them they were classic CD405x (in spite of the name posted on the page), it looks like they are now selling the HC flavor which has higher performances (faster switching) but doesn’t go above +5V for the positive supply.

I think I have purchased the new ones, hence the filter switching and over heated ICs’ problems. So, next monday, I will order the right ICs at my Farnell representative.

Thanks Olivier for your help. Much appreciated ! :wink:

Hédi K.

I’ve just bought the old specs CD4052 from Toshiba. The switching filter’s types problem is now gone ! :slight_smile: I will just have to change the resistor as you’ve already advised me to lower the global output level.

Thanks Olivier for your help ! Some pictures might follow soon :wink:

Hédi K.

SO are these ones good still?


Great! Im starting the build tonight w00h00!

are you 100% sure that your jumpers are set properly?

Yes. I’ve triple checked on each test. But now everything is working nicely (swapping HC4052 from Reichelt to old Toshiba CD4052 found in my local shop).

Hédi K.

how weird
anyway, great news that you could solve your issue :slight_smile:

@ HPsound, hi, you have buy the 20 Mhz crystal’s on Reichelt ?? Is there any problem with it ? I will order also the same 20 Mhz crystals on Reichelt or , better NOT

The 20 Mhz Crystaly from reichelt needs 32pf Caps, i suggest you order some 33p and store them together (2 Caps with every Quartz)

I’m using the 20 Mhz crystal’s on Reichelt with 22pF caps only on the MoBo (crystals used on the voicecards are from MI rare parts’ package bought in mi-December 2012). I seems to work fine here.

@fcd72 : should I change my 22 pF for 32 pF on my MoBo ?

The main problem I had was with the HC4052 ICs from Reichelt (see previous posts).

Hédi K.

If it runs well, you don’t need to change anything. A problem with the quartz causes the unit not to boot - it’s not like having the wrong quartz/caps will cause very subtle bugs.

Definitely I was not as clever as fcd72 on this one ! :wink: It is called learning by mistakes.

Actually i am not as clever as pichenettes who spotted the problem - my first impulse was there must be short on the output but shorting outs from a 405x doesn’t do anything…

Ok, i have test the Reichelt crystals 20 Mhz. Works with 2 x 33 pf. No problems at all.