Ambika vs. Elektron Analog Four

This has been deprecated by the breadboard friends.

Oliver, don’t be frustrated about the Analog Four!
Latest news from Elektron say that it has 4 monophonic parts! No polyphone playing of the 4 voices, no multimode - and that sucks!
Maybe it has the nicer UI, but I’m SURE that it can’t keep up with the Ambika’s Oscillator waveforms and the modulation matrix…

In my opinion your Ambika is in the same ballpark with legends like Waldorf Microwave or Ensoniq SQ-80. Keep on!

huh, that does seem odd that it’s 4-part monophonic only - from the faq:

Can the synth tracks be played polyphonically?

No poly mode will be available at launch. We are however thinking a lot about different approaches to this feature.

…betaware much?

Holy double post, Batman.

Just like Silverfish I have a Mopho and a Shruthi and I couldn’t be more impressed with MI compared to the competition. My only headache is the skill needed for assembling the Ambika. I’ve got no doubt it’s worth the labour though.

I totally agree that MI will be regarded as legendary and have some well deserved commercial success. In the mean time I hope O hang in there.

So I’ve been thinking about getting a modern poly analog (or, you know, hybrid). I’ve got the Shruthi-1 and the DSI Mopho, and knowing what both of those are capable of, their polyphonic siblings are at the top of the list. Analog four doesn’t really count because, well, it’s four mono voices. They’ll get around to the polyphonic mode, but I bet it takes six months to a year. And there will be something screwy about it because it’s Elektron. Not bad, just screwy (like four voices. That’s not enough for a poly. I had an MS2000 and it may as well have been a monosynth).

At the end of the day, between Prophet 08, Ambika, and Analog Four, Ambika gets my money first. Why? 1) It sounds amazing. Oozes character. 2) The MI community. Tight-knit, supportive, and growing. 3) Price. Fully loaded, this thing should come in considerably less than the others. 4) I do it myself, and that makes it mine. 5) Olivier is starting something great.

I honestly feel that in years to come, being an early adopter in the MI community will be something to brag about. “I built Shruthis and Ambikas when Olivier still messaged on the boards!” Seriously, keep up the good work. Thanks for amazing machines.

BTW a good user interface doesn’t necessarily mean sprinkling a whole lots Knobs and Buttons all over the Frontplate…

Owning a MW, MW2 and the ESQ-1 my decision to take to the lonely Island is clearly the Ambika.

"BTW a good user interface doesn’t necessarily mean sprinkling a whole lots Knobs and Buttons all over the Frontplate…."
And that would leave little room for you to build a PROGRAMMER for it.
Did I say programmer?
Well I meant an extended mutating monointeractive function user interface…

And anyway… I will hate every one of you who will build an Ambika…

i like a 16 step xox style sequencer and mini note buttons…

Did you hear the Analog Four demos ?
They sound so flat and non-dynamic (on SoundCloud), it makes me wonder…
The contrary of the Mutable sound character !

Did anybody say Programmer?

everyone said programmer…million programmer march

enough with the programmers already! how have ye not gone insane???


Looks like there’s clearly a market for a little standalone x0x-stye sequencer box.

thijs. Like this?

Looks like there’s clearly a market for a little standalone x0x-stye sequencer box.

I will love that, if possible with two octaves keyboard. Doesn’t exist something similar?

@luap The Europa is nice but a bit expensive. I think something with a little display and without the key buttons (you’d use one of your MIDI keyboards or an encoder to enter/modify note values) would work better.

I actually almost bought an Europa but ended up not doing so because I really prefer small boxes.

@elhambre No. The thing that comes closest is probably the Yamaha RM1X or RS7000.

i also found the Europa a bit expensive, i’ve a xox that i’m using as seq or just for transpose seq on the anushri. i’m not a keyboardist something to put seq or transpose is just fine for me…