Ambika vs. Elektron Analog Four

The p-locks are magic. I have an MD and if it wasnt for the fact I have that id get the A4. The MD has similar functions but the sequencer is abit more of a pain for musical notes but it gets you to work differently. I fi.d it refreshing from Ableton. The Shruthi works brilliantly with it, Plocking program changes and tge filter.

Theres some good picts of the guts of the A4 around, should anyone be interested…

(Not my picts)

I just got an A4 on a bit of a whim. Its rather nice :slight_smile: And my first bit of Elektron gear, so it’s taking me a while to get my head around. But so far it seems pretty cool. Good sounds, good features, great build quality, decent enough GUI. But… It does make me wish Olivier had made the OS :wink:

@Luap that’s an expensive ‘whim’… :wink:
Mind you, I’ve got a room full of stuff I bought on pretty much the same basic :stuck_out_tongue:
The difference is all my stuff was 2nd-hand.


@fit : I know, i dont know whats worse, my playing or my addiction to collecting gear

Gear Acquisition Syndrome sucks, well apart from all the cool gear

toneburst, yep! I wasn’t planning on any new synths really. At least not before my VCS3 clone was complete. There are certainly things I need more than the A4, like a new Mac, new Audio interface, master keyboard and other boring but essential type things.
However, i’ve always been curious about Elektron gear, and the A4 especially caught my interest.
I also enjoy using gear once in a while that can work standalone and doesn’t rely on a multitude of other things being plugged in to it in order to play with it. Makes for a nice change! So it fits the bill there too…

Anyway, the picts are interesting. But it’s not exactly user serviceable in there… (not that I expected it to be!)

@Luap I really should have another go with the Monomachine. I really bought it for the vocal-synthesis, and never really managed to get it to do what I wanted it to. I think I need to wipe all the memories on it, and start from scratch. I just end up flipping through the presets, whenever I switch it on.


To the person that said the a4 looks boring I can assure its not. Not by a long shot. Its absolutely amazing. Elektron stuff is some of the best kit on the planet imo.

I said it was boring and I now own one. So yeah, I take that back.

I don’t agree it’s amazing or the best thing ever, but it’s a nice piece of kit with a fun sequencer packed in a sturdy little box.

Parameter locks are amazing, microtiming is superb, 4 outs of CV (very amazing for use with my modular), External FX processing(the FX are good) as well audio input for filters envelopes, overdrive(its good) and LFO. Also you can sit on the couch with headphones and sketch out tracks or take it on trips or do live performances. Id be curious to hear 1 piece of gear that is amazing that you own. For me one of them its the analog four. :wink:

I watched and pondered about this thing for a long time and just thought it wouldn’t be that great and be cumbersome to program etc. Boy I was so wrong. I picked one up and mind = blown. Love Love love it.

Since yesterday, I have both! They seem to complement eachother very well. Both can do things the other can’t, and they sound good together, so what’s not to like?

I traded my Ambika for an A4 and its fantastic! , funny how I was part of this thread from the beginning! hah!

Even better is both an A4 and an Ambika. :slight_smile:

I know :frowning: but living on a disability pension = the suck , plus I found once O got my MW2 XT I rarely used the AMbika

Oct vs Ambika

I’ve been new to making electronic music. I’m not a musician btw and don’t earn a living doing music.
Spending all my hard earned wage in synths & h/w equipment to have some good times trying to.
So i have checked lots of devices, tried and above all, listenened.

Elektron stuff, though many people use it and achieve nice productions with it, has always let me cold. I always looked at it like some trend, lacking in depth.

Be it the anushri, shruthi(s) or ambika(s), they have become true legends. And i know not about other M.I. devices really. But alone those i’m familiar with, have character and dark power.

Maybe there’s nothing special in their conception, i don’t know, i’m no technician - but i play the units i have, believing they are unique and among the best synths i heard so far.

Almost 10 years later… do you still feel this way?

About 10 years later, I don’t waste a second thinking about what other brands in the audio/music instrument industry are doing.


I just discovered Shruthi and Ambika last summer and I didn’t realize they are so “vintage” gear at this point. I think they are fabulous and have great character. I have 2 Shruthi-1 (4PM and CS80), 1 Ambika (all SMR4), and I’m building a Shruthi-XT right now which I think I will load with Shruthicon – unless somebody convinces me that there’s a better filter to complement what I already have.

These synths make me so happy to play with. I am amazed that 1 person is responsible for making it all happen – thank you Émilie. Truly I cannot wrap my mind around how it’s possible. Much like the LXR Drum Synth from Julian which I also love. All of my other gear is analog because I’m so happy with these DIY digital synths, I don’t feel like I even need to look at Electron or Arturia stuff.



Yep Amibka has serious vibe. Plugins have come along way but even the top tier wavetable and analogue modelling stuff is missing that mojo that comes from imperfect electronics. I try to use plugins sometimes for convenience, but when I switch over to Ambika it’s obviously doing something that plugins haven’t figured out yet. If I could change anything, it would be the resolution of the envelopes and LFOs as the steppiness can be annoying, but the oscillators rendered by the cheap 8/12bit DACs part the reason Ambika sounds so cool. @pichenettes If you ever feel tempted again to do a V2 Ambika, I would certainly buy one, but until then thank you for this one! Now back to trying to make it even cooler.

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Yeah I sometimes imagine what an updated Shruthi / Ambika would look like – even something as “simple” as adding a faster CPU which could give better resolution to the oscillators and such would be great (my only real complaint is the stepping when changing some values, and the aliasing at higher notes above about E4). It would be cool to have a v2 control board with higher fidelity which fixes these limitations and that’s backwards-compatible with the filter boards and enclosures.

But I suspect that Emilie has moved far beyond these old synths at this point in her life and who can blame her? Even nearly 10 years later the Shruthis are still better than any newer gear near the same price point as far as I have heard. The modulation options alone are nearly unparalleled.