Ambika voltage readings

Hello. Im getting some funny readings on my ambika build. It was built a while back but only just getting round to troubleshooting it.

Im getting 2.01v at the green and yellow points, 7.98v at the red point and -0.37v at the blue. using this adaptor. Does anyone know where the fault might lie?

im using this adaptor:

huge thanks.

You need to use 9VAC adapter. I think this one is DC.

ahhh bollocks. I read on another thread that this one is ok:

is that right?

is that right?

You are in UK?
If yes, then this will work also.
And this from eBay was also OK.

Yea im in the uk. So i will go with this and see if it comes out alright. thanks for your help, Much appriciated!