Ambika: voices strange behaviour

I bought an Ambika more or less one year ago.
All worked great so far but recently voices start to behave in a strange way sometimes.
It happens that out of the sudden one voice stop working, I mean I can see that it is receiving the midi note, I can see it is playing and I can see it is selected for the interested part but there’s no audio from from this voice.
If I deselect and reselect the voice of this part in the Map sectiont it start working again. Can you have an idea of the problem? It happened me during a couple of live set recently and it wasn’t definitely nice.
Hoping for your help.
Thanks in advance

Hmm, sounds weird. Can you try to reproduce it and find some steps that will always lead to malfunction?

Hi , switch the soundcards and test it again . Can also be a cold solder point on the Arduino headers or the header itself.