Ambika voicecard stopped working

Hi All

This is my first post here,

I need some help or advice, one voicecard on my ambika stopped working
i bought the ambika second hand and did not build it myself.
its voicecard 4, a 4P MI voice.
It stopped working one day, i noticed it when i was playing that some notes where missing.
so i opened up ambika and took a look, the LEDs on the 4, voicecard where not lighting
up like the other ones, all 5 other voices are working flawless.

does anybody have a idea where i have to look for the failure and if it is likely
that it is fixable? i dont have a lot of experience with electronics but i can solder
fine parts, just without the knowledge :slight_smile:

any help would be highly appreciated.


Change the voice cards position. Swap it with another one. Maybe its just a bad connection on the pinheaders.

Bad connections somewhere most likely … take out that card, and try to see whether all ICs (especially the big one) sit comfortably (deeply) in their sockets. You could try to press all of them a little further in (but don’t overdo it).

And check the connection between the card and the motherboard.

Check if you can reflash the voicecard firmware

could be the simplest bug:
voicecard is not aligned to a patch settings, this is if you deselct it for whatever reason in the menu, then all leds should also be dark and the cards doesnt respond, if i remember right.
Probably it is not that reason, but you should always start with the easiest checks. After that plug it into another position, after that change the Atmel, ans so on