Ambika voicecard not working

just bought a 2nd hand Ambika.
The voicecards were working fine until the 5th decided to stop producing any sound at all.

The status led on the Ambika front panel is lighting up, the led2 data on the voicecard and the led1 note are not lighting up.
I made sure that the midi settings and voicecard allocations are correct.
The voicecard is not producing any sound neither when its individual output is used nor when using the main mix.

I’m not willing to disassemble the unit and/or desolder/ whatever physical fix should be done, is it possible to understand the degree of the problem without disassembling the unit?

Thank you

The voicecard is probably not being detected by the controller. Can you try re-flashing the voicecards firmware (upgrade procedure according to the manual) to find out whether it is only a software problem? AFAIK that’s the only thing that can be done without disassembling the unit.

Thanks, I’m going to try it right away

Re flashed the voicecard with the VOICE&.BIN file, now it’s working fine.
i think i crashed the card using an editor, which war constantly crashing.
Thank you very much for the prompt help @jhbruhn

Glad I could help!

Just out of curiosity, which Ambika patch editor were you using?

This one

I’m pretty sure it was what caused the malfunction on the voice as I never had any issue with it again