Ambika Voicecard Issue(s)

OK… I’m stumped…

  1. One of my voice cards is not working (I don’t think it ever has). The Data LED does not light up, no matter which port I mount it. Furthermore, swapping the ATMEGA with a known working one doesn’t resolve it, suggesting a board issue. I’ve checked power to the IC, and continuity to the crystal, capacitor values etc. and that all works. I think the only other thing I can do is swap out the crystal?

  2. As a seemingly separate issue I discovered while troubleshooting, when I put a known working board in the #6 port, the data light only briefly flashes on boot, and then goes dark. When I go to the “About” page and scroll to port 6, the DATA LED starts flashing. What’s up with that?

Any help is appreciated!

Confirmed… it was a bad crystal… (never had that happen!)

Issue 2 was apparently a user error. It seems the data led doesn’t light up when the card isn’t assigned to a voice.