Ambika voicecard 1 quieter than others : [fixed : keep brother away from mixer]

Hi all

got my ambika all set and after playing for about an hour 1 of the voicecards got quieter than the rest , I tried resetting the firmware by reloading the golden card files onto the SD card, but its still quieter than the other 3 :frowning:

What should I look for to diagnose this?

I have to say honestly , everything else works fantastic, I’m surprised that it worked flawlessly for an hour to be honest , with my track record


LOL , my brother is in town from Ottawa and didnt realise that the ambika had 4 inputs used on my mixer, so he turned one down by mistake



Gonna slap any demos up with your newly completed voices?

Glad you found an answer to that one.


@weN sure

you know what: when my Ambika was new born, I had exactly the same issue:-D
I used all single outputs but one. that one was going out through the main out. I just forgot, that the volume poti was half down :smiley:
…took me about 15 minutes to realize