Ambika VCA release a bit rough

again just curious… when i play a sound with long release times, my ambika isn’t the smoothest when it comes to the VCA release.
I don’t know how to explain it better but it just seems the tail of the sound just cuts away a bit too early (just before total silence) instead of a smooth fade out.
it’s really no big deal as stuff like delay and reverb will mask stuff like that in a mix easily. just wanted to know if it is like that, or is there some part/cap/transistor/whatever with a wrong value doing this?


The VCA envelope has a total maximum resolution of 256 steps. Lowering the volume of a part, or playing at very low velocities can reduce that. Is it what happened here?

hmm. no i don’t think it’s that.
in that example the part volume is at 120. note played with velocity about 100, env3 release set to 100. no velocity modulation (or any other mod) on the VCA.
does it sound like unusual behavior. should it not cut off like that?

Actually it is okay, the amplitude ratio I measured (very approximately) between the point at which the sound starts and the point at which it stops is around 160 - the expected value would be 256 * 120 / 128 * 100 / 128 = 187.5. That’s the limitation of using 8-bit for internal modulation signals.

Same thing happens with the Shruthi.

ok, 8-bit is what i thought could be the reason. just wanted to be sure it wasn’t some small component with a wrong value somewhere. i can only really hear it on a dry signal with headphones really. thanks for your reply :slight_smile: