Ambika VCA doesn't attenuate signal enough


I got something that bother me a bit about my ambika build (six SMR-4 cards). If I create a self oscillating part, set the volume for that part to 0 and turn the gain of my mixer all the way up I still can hear the self oscillation of the selected filtercard on my headphones or studio monitors. The effect is even more audible if I turn LFO2 all the way up. The strange thing is that this appears on five cards on the sixth one there is nothing to hear…

I checkt all soldered parts and couldn’t find any issue. It would be cool if someone could test it and tell me if that behavior of the cards could be normal :slight_smile:

Same problem.

I notice that in every Parten on Internet, one of the Envelope always connected to VCA in the MATRIX.

So i think it’s a normal (BUT NOT SURE)

Do you know it now?
I’m steal confusing