Ambika Tuning question FIXED

Hi guys,

After many many moons, i finally got my Ambika complete. Never thought id see the day :slight_smile:

I am attempting to tune my voice cards before install, I am having trouble getting the first one to self oscillate.

On my other synths, i can generally set the reso to full and turn off oscillators and it will do it. With the ambika it seems to just make a thud, like the envelope is set to no decay and no release etc.

Could someone please walk me through a step by step idiots/5 year olds guide to tuning?

It would be greatly appreciated and i thank you all in advance


P.s. I have 6 Smr4 cards to tune, i have set the jumper to A and A and plugged it into slot one. i have the midi channel running to it, the osciallator works fine, just when i turn the oscillators off, the synth goes quite even with full res

Just to give you folks a better idea, It seems all six cards work, i have plugged in each one into port 1 and each sound both ocs’s and the filter responds on all. (some LEDS dont work but im not going to lose sleep over that)

It seems like the resonance while sweeping the filter at 63 reso is just not that pronounced at all.

It is in varying degrees, some filter cards sound creamier and have more resonance, some have barely any resonance to them at all, just a loss of volume or loss of bass.

Not sure if that helps at all, but it seems like i am missing resonance…

Please help

Ok so i trolled the forum for a little while and found that the 1nf caps seem to have a fair part to play.

after reinspecting mine against the assembly instruction photos, i noticed that 2 of my caps were soldered into both the + holes (there are 2 + asn 1 - for bigger caps etc)

Problem is fixed and now i have a nice screeching resonance :slight_smile: