Ambika, TR707 , Nord G1

first crack at this, I need to do some MIDI editing to the lead synth sounds to make the volumes and velocity more consistent , Ill get to that once I get back from vacation

feedback welcome

here is a re-edit with some tweaks, the playing is still a tad loose as it was live, Ill redo it later on , I was just happy I was able to get teh sound I liked by running the G1 through my Little Dieters filter

Hi, this one is much more consistent and much less stumbling. For a live version a good take, albeit the bass is a bit too dominant and in the foreground of the stereoimage for my taste. Really nice !

thanks, I wasnt sure if i wanted the ambika in the foreground or not, so I kind of didnt make up my mind , gah , indecision!