Ambika SVF Voice Card Mouser BOM

Just noticed my Mouser project for the SVF VC is riddled with errors. I know I shared a link to it back when the Ambika ‘pioneer run’ was on, so thought I should warn anyone who might be about to drop a Mouser order based on it. Fortunately, the problems were mostly duplicate items, but there were a couple of omissions, too, unfortunately:

C28 1uF film cap (Mouser pt. 80-R82DC4100CK60J )
IC6, ATMega328p MCU (pt. 556-ATMEGA328P-PU )


LED2 T3 3mm Yellow LED (pt. 604-WP7104LYD )
is no longer stocked.
I’ve added 604-WP2060YD as an alternative to the updated BOM

The updated project can be found here

Sorry if my earlier errors caused anyone any problems.