Ambika SVF Audio/Video Examples?

Hi everyone, long time MI user / lurker first time posting…

I’ve been using MI Modular stuff for a while now and just about to embark on building an Ambika.

I’m trying to find some audio and/or video examples of the SVF cards playing long poly pad sounds, giving examples of the filter slowly opening and/or being modulated. Big fan of the Oberheim 2pole filter in that kind of scenario (I know the SVF isn’t a SEM clone).

Pretty much all the examples i’ve seen are really short / staccato type riffs and nothing that I really feel explores what it can do.

I can’t decide between the SVF or SMR style filter, I LOVE the Ripples filter (which is related to the SMR filter I think…?) of which i’ve got two of in my rack.

Really keen for a warm poly synth for more pad based sounds, but maybe the SMR is the way to go.

If anyone could link some examples with the SVF cards that would be amazing. :smiley:

Ripples uses the same filter circuit as the 4P voicecard.

Thanks for clarifying that Olivier :smile:

I just ordered a bunch of different ones and will test out myself instead, will post a video to compare them once these get done. :+1:

Posted a lenghty video not too long ago of original patches with my ambika with SVF voices.
Hope this helps:

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This is EXACTLY what I was after, thank you so much for posting this :smiley: