Ambika supernatural sound

hi pichenettes,
I know you’re surely very busy with anushri pioneer run and ambika upcoming release,
but i think about something new for ambika, a new way to use the 6 voices:
I was testing the new roland integra-7 midi expander and the famous “supernatural sound”. Sound seems to be layered and the access to these is made through velocity splitting.

i was thinking that it is possible with ambika, using the same midi channel for multiple parts and access them not by splitting keyboard but by splitting velocity.

for exemple:

velocity value parts (or voicecards in case of 6 parts)

00-15 1
16-31 1+2
32-47 1+2+3
and so on…

it will produce a evolving sound through the velocity and surely something very special, never seen before on DIY synth !

The real questions are here:

-could it be done with the ambika matrix (unsuccessfull for me but maybe possible) ?
-could it be integrated in the next ambika firmware ?
-could it be done with a midipal (new app ?), splitting notes to midi channel 1-6 using velocity value ?

This could be done by layering different patches; and using the velocity mod source + one of the comparator modifiers (>=) to make each part react only above a certain velocity level.

The MIDIpal dispatcher app can already do velocity based dispatching.

you save my day ! thank a lot , i was not trying the right things in the matrix.
just to say: try the integra-7 (or jupiter 80), it’s something fabulous even if it’s common with analog synths.

Maybe this is a good place to ask some more things:

1. One of the news about the Ambika says “And there might be other things you’ll load from the SD card in the future…” Will I be able to load my own (longer) samples from it?
2. Any news on the release date?
3. Is there enough space in front of your home for us to camp before the release date :)?


Long samples: clearly no, the voicecards have only 2kb of RAM. I was thinking of wavetables. The current firmware had a long development time and I don’t plan to immediately start working on upgrades / improvements - beyond fixing the few bugs that have been reported to me.

Due to problems with the LP2+Delay filter board, my whole production / release cycle has been delayed by 1 month. The “yellow magic” Shruthi-1 has been released last week instead of mid-august. Anushri, which was scheduled for the end of september, is now scheduled for end of october (I am currently in zombie-land cutting capacitor strips at the moment, while listening to the High Llamas’ stream). Ambika will be released at a later date once Anushri and the stress of handling the support of a newly released kit are out of the way.

The kits will be stored in a secret underground vault and will be dispatched to the post office using well-guarded military trucks.

Thanks for the update Olivier!