Ambika standard plexiglas case feedback

This discussion is for FCD72, to tell him about Ambika plexi case:

I just finish the assembly on my Ambika (Ambika pionner batch) and it fit perfectly not even a millimeter to add or to substract. Holes are perfectly in place.
I have put 10mm screws everywhere and it’s fine (12mm are too long) and standard shruthi caps for the switchs.
You can be proud of the design, it’s perfect and i hope it is for everyone.

I didn’t have that chance with the 20mm F/M spacers bought at mouser. They’re incredibly expensive and they don’t even fit tightly because of the thread junction. I’m waiting for the 40mm spacers Frank is very kindly sending me. Maybe the 20mm F/M spacers found at reichelt are better. From now, I will avoid buying hardware at mouser as hard as possible. Getting hardware from Frank for mutable products is really, really highly recommended.

No issues whatsoever with the Ambika plexi case included with the starter kit. Kudos to Frank.

The Panels for the Ambika are made of cast Plexi instead of extruded because it cuts better and is more durable (it had obviously no mechanical stress during its birth…).
The backdraft is that it has a tolerance of 3mm ± 0,3mm, so your Panels might be 2,7mm in worst case which means your screw depth is 9,3mm. If your screws are at the high side of the Tolerance at +0,05mm you have +0,35mm which exceeds the screw slots safety space Margin of +0,25mm. Sorry for that, but its impossible to measure each Panel before cutting without an impact to the costs. I keep this in mind for the next run and will put an extra 0,15mmt to the safety Space. This is the first time anyone had this issue reported to me, hopefully this will not pop up more than this time.

if it is just too thin you can work around it with using 1 or 2 washers, there are always little tolerances. happened to me with ponoko too that one time i ordered there.