Ambika sold out

when there will be new stock for ambika pcb?
There will be at some point a complete kit for ambika?
how much time remains for the shruthi xt?

I am waiting to build the xt and ambika. my hands are shaking!

Please wait.

I don’t know.


Expected a type “not earlier than 2 months” or “ordering pcbs is cast arrived in a week” answer?

Many of us follow this page and are excited about the great work you do.


Last time I ordered PCBs, there was an unexpected 2 weeks delay on them because they made them in the wrong color. Last time I got modules made, they were delivered with a 5 weeks delay. Last time I ordered MIDIpal cases, they came with a 2 months delay. Last time I order LCDs on Mouser the item was listed on stock but it wasn’t and I got a 4 weeks delay. I’m still waiting for board assemblies that were due for mid october.

So giving a date and adding “Subject to the kind of delays/problems we’re currently seeing because it is the end of the year” is pretty much like saying “when it’s ready”.

Time for a FAQ you can link to? :wink:

This will be a short FAQ:

Its ready when its ready and its not in our influence.

Then I’ll wait for the three wise men are giving me presents…