AMBIKA SNOW , because it is Christmas

Here a white AMBIKA.
Greets and merry christmas.
This was a special MOBO i have order in the beginning of 2014 from Brazil.


Laaast chriiiistmas, I gave you my gerbers…

What about green and red voicecards?

Hi, no that was a PCB i had buy fro Brazil. i think he had made 10 and mostly the trusted builders had buy this… This are not TubeOhm Pcb’s .
In fact i have so much to do that i have not start now.
The only thing i had made is the forum. This i open next.
I start after you have no PCB for Ambika. It will be nice if you inform me.

From this thread:



We don’t take kindly to gerbil abuse! Go play with the Capybaras instead.

Nice build!