AMBIKA SMR4 problem

I have a SMR4 board for my AMBIKA and its playing some of the patches weird. Some sound almost fine, while others are “distorted”. Junon is missing all of its bottom end.

Any Idea where I should start troubleshooting? All of the ICs have to correct supply voltages.

I swapped out all of the ICs and still have the same results.

wrong part on filter board, check 4.7k/47k etc resistors

resistors read color code correctly and most measure right in circuit.
A few of the 10K resistors measure around 3K in circuit, but since their color code matches correctly, I am assuming it is other resistors that are in parallel with it or something.

does it follow the voice card or is it systemic?

ok, a couple of things I noticed. 1) a bad solder joint on Q3’s base, I fixed this; 2)patches such as VICdBass are almost silent. whereas Junon is just thin and distorted; 3) if i “lean on” IC3 everything works normal.

It seems related directly to which waveform I’m using. for example, male and female are really broken up and distorted.

I don’t get self oscillation until a resonance above 63, and it seems like above a frequency cutoff above 60 it goes so high in pitch its silent.

If I move the voice card, it follows it. also does not happen to any other voice card.

I reflowed all of the solder joints and it seems to have cleared up. But it may be too soon to tell for sure.