Ambika/Shruthi vs DSI poly Evolver

Hey team.

I’ve recently come across a polyevolver for a good price, but I’m mostly wondering how much overlap the is with my Mutable Instruments stuff. Any thoughts? Is it different enough to be worth picking up if you have a Shruthi and an ambika?


I have Shruthi / Ambika and and an Evolver desktop. I would love to have a Polyevolver. One Evolver track is not enough. If you like distortion / feedback type sounds, it’s brilliant. Great sequencer too. If it’s the rack you are looking at, you’ll need an editor… (a non SoundTower editor). There are a good amount of similarities but, apart from the bread and butter sounds, the range of sounds is quite different.

Go for the PolyEvolbr - if you don’t like it you always can pass it here to jojjelito or me :wink:

Good advice! Some day I’d love me a PEK, a P12 and a Pro 2 :slight_smile:

Yeah, part of me says I should just get a desktop Evolver and call it a day, especially as I’ve also already got a Prophet 08. Then another part of me says maybe I should just get a desktop Prophet 12, and pass on adding any more keyboards to the collection. And then common sense says I already have more synth than I know what to do with.

What’s the average going rate these days for a Poly Evolver PE?

Whats common sense?

@Silverfish: Get the Shruthi Wave Generator tool, and add the Evolver’s digital waves you want over .syx on start-up?

All over it! I just glanced at the thread.

Oh dear. I did a bad thing.

My local music store will be holding on to a DSI PEK PE for me for a while…

Is there a place to download the evolver waveforms somwhere?

@herrprof: I looked, but I couldn’t find them. If I had an Evolver I would sample and share them, but I don’t know anyone who has one. :frowning:
If you do find them, let me know. They really should be in a wavetable instead of just static.

Yes, the Evolver waves are available. The old Elektron-users site had them. I’m at work, but when I get home I can share them with you all.

@Silverfish: Yeah, I checked the new Elektronauts file section. They are no where to be found, and I can’t register at the old site. If you know of any other good wave packs, on there could you share them as well?

I posted some single cycle waveforms from an amiga tracker

the waveforms from the monowave synth

Some ensoniq waveforms

and this big dump of stuff that contains some evovler stuff already

@herrprof: thanks for sharing. I visited hexawe and the tracks in that Casio compo are right up my alley. Crunchy and dark. Maybe I should ditch all of my fancy hardware and DAW for a simple tracker? I really do like Sunvox though. It is always great to know that there are others with a love of the single cycle.
I never understood the whole multi sampling every octave thing, I think that the same note with different filter or EQ is more useful. I understand why it is a good idea, but real lo-fi character comes at the extreme ends of a sample’s spectrum. That is what I love about the Shruthi user waveform. I don’t think I have made anything musical with my Shruthi recently… haha.

The monowave sample and piggy are a match made in heaven. You can get some rad sounds, just check out monorave!

I am. I am also impressed. I am working on a project where I can use .mod music files, so trackers are very interesting at the moment. For example, some of the 3D models are only 73kb before compression. So I am trying to keep it small.

EDIT: I just realized that Little GP Tracker puts out .dat files.

the evolver has the prophet vs wavetables

and then you can dump your own

i like the wavesequencing feature which can change the digital waves

if you have a monowavex i have built several rom variations from thousands of single cycle waves

Id be interested to see them! Monowave works great for piggy because its waves are very orderly and easy to guess from hex from the piggy interface!

@audiohoarder you might be interested then to look at the source for lgpt I know a few musicians who would love some way to plat lgpt or mod instruments on other software or hardware platforms.