Ambika sequencing and sound design issue

Hello everyone,
I’m currently working on a new live set in which the ambika is sequenced by an octatrack.

I’m using a Multi for each track of the set so:

Part1 has 4 voices allocated in order to do pads

Part2 has 1voice for riffs and Part3 has 1 voice for the bassline

I’m having an issue on Part1 which is really frustrating because it makes the part sound horrible and I can’t figure out what is causing it.

Most of the time I get a really loud static-like sound on that part and it seem to be stuck there even if the midi notes on my sequencer are turned off. Sometimes it starts from the beginning of the sequence, sometimes it randomly appears in the middle of it (and it get stuck there).

I alredy checked:

-no CC is sent by the sequencer
-no strange modulation that could affect the sound is going on in the patch (bitcrush/prm1/prm2 are not modulated at all), I’m just modulating the osc mix and freq most of the time

maybe I’m doing something wrong with the multi?
I already tried to save the Part1’s sounds as patches and programs and to save all the settings of the multi later but the issue is still there.

I hope I explained myself, I have no idea how to get rid of this problem, most of the pads sounds I need are ruined by it and I have no clue on how to fix it


the problem was… a stuck card :angry:
resolved with VOICE$.BIN voicecard upgrade procedure

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