Ambika sequencer controlled with Behringer BCR2000?


I’m using a BCR2000 next to my Ambika controlling a wide range of parameters hands-on. Works great! It would be fantastic if there was a way of controlling the sequencer from the BCR2000 too. I’m thinking step on/off with the 16 buttons on top and values with the knobs surrounding them. Has anybody tried this, is it possible?


Hi Mat,
i don’t think this is possible directly with the BCR. But have you seen the Zaquencer ?
Or you might be able to do this indirectly by using the Ambika editor from tube ohm.

Hello Mat,

it might be possible with NRPN:

Besides, I was trying to use NRPN with the BCR until I discovered that the BCR does not handle negative values, too bad for parameters like part tuning… I’d like to explore writing a new firmware for the BCR itself using the unofficial firmware, but it seems quite complicated…

What would be über cool though would be to modify the Ambika firmware to drive the BCR like a Zaquencer…

Ooo, the Zaquencer sure looks interesting! However, I really like the hands-on patch editing possibilities on the Ambika offered by the BCR. I might have to get another BCR and Zaquify it.

the only thing that I’ve found that sends every type of MIDI (negative NRPN included ) is ‘TB MIDI stuff,’ the MIDI controller app for the ipad. So if you have an ipad, you can construct a template on that to control the sequencer…

Does anybody know if this would be possible with a Faderfox PC12?