Ambika seq and arpeg latch

Hello dear virtual companeros
As a proud brand new owner of an Ambika, I was surprised not to find these two wonderful and friendly latch functions in any menu (seq+latch, arp+latch), as they are in the Shruti…
I probably didn’t dig deeply enough, or am I missing something ?
thanks for any explanation :wink:

EDITED. Don’t try to answer questions after a couple too many beers. Glad to have a new Ambika owner here, welcome!

Ambika’s latch mode is enabled/disabled with a sustain pedal.

thank you for your welcome and your answers !
I (m not yet sure to know how to configure a sustain pedal in the Ambika as I only control it with my old CZ101 until now… I’ll try my best :wink:

Since there is no sustain input, you would need a midi keyboard with a sustain input(common enough), connect the sustain pedal to the keyboard, and the keyboard to the ambika.

The keyboard then sends the midi message for sustain:On to the ambika.

I guess you could just send the message via a computer, haven’t tester either of the options though, since I don’t have an ambika :confused:

If you happen to have any other MIDI controllers which can be configured to send a CC you could do that as well.

That’s what I feared : without a sustain pedal input in the real world I’m lost.
Isn’t there a way to fool the Ambika by simulate the presence of such a midi message ?
It was such an obvious parameter with the Shruti that became exclusively related to the external equipment (well, this lack definitively won’t make me throw my Ambika away, what a beautiful race horse ;)…

@remy Do you have any kind of controller that you can configure to send CC messages? Set it to send CC 64 with a value between 64-127 to turn sustain on and a value between 0-63 to turn it off again.

yes I do have some Korg nano stuff around, but it would complicate my configuration a lot just for this single option…
By Holy Charanjit Singh, I feel like I’m the only one who craves for these missing code lines :wink:

I miss them too as non keyboard user…

@remy The firmware is Open Source. If this is only a matter of writing a few lines of code, you can easily add those yourself, right? :wink:

Seriously though; this feature not being included on the Ambika very likely has more to do with Olivier not wanting to clutter the interface with features that make less sense on a polyphonic synth than with him being too lazy to write a few more lines of code.

Do you use a controller keyboard that has an input for a sustain pedal? In that case you can always build one yourself.

(As an aside; In the early 90s, I actually wired a pot up to a jack and used that plugged into the expression pedal socket on my Alpha Juno 1 to control filter cutoff during live performances. Worked perfectly.)

Hm. Can’t see why it shouldn’t make sense to include it. Clutter is very subjective, and besides, Ambika IS a cousin of Shruti. :slight_smile:

To me, clutter is the difference between, “Sure, I’ll implement this feature right away!” and “It’s possible, but it’s going to break through so many layers that I’m pretty sure it’ll cause bugs in unexpected situations”.

When I wrote the Ambika firmware, the whole Shruthi arpeggio/sequencer code was the first thing I wanted to tear down. It’s absolutely awful. So I restarted from scratch and came up with a “rational” way of organizing things that has so far been replicated in Anushri & Yarns (the key is to have an intermediate, loosely coupled, layer between external MIDI events and the internal events sent to the engine). Part of this rewrite include the handling of latching through the same mechanism as the sustain pedal - rather than the awful ad hoc tricks which were used in the Shruthi. And it made so much sense that I actually used this same implementation in the Shruthi v1.0 too. Originally, it was also meant to do latch through the sustain pedal only like Ambika, and then I thought about this system-wide hold function with the encoder…

So it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that at some point near the end of 2014 I’ll port the system-wide latch/hold from the Shruthi v1.0 to Ambika.

That would be awesome…

Oh, that would be rad. Thanks for the thorough explanation.

@t2k. I wish i was able to add any contribution in code modification. But it’s unfortunately beyond my skills
Thanks for the explanation indeed. I was convinced there was a good reason for this
So many good things are to happen on MI at the end of 2014 :slight_smile:

@remy Sorry if I sounded unfriendly; it’s just that people who can’t code often assume any change is trivial for those who can.

T2k no problem at all. these missing code lines were just a clumsy image.
If it was that easy to change, no doubt that it would have been done for ages
i’ll light some candles or buy a new midi keyboard, haven’t decided yet :wink: