Ambika selected parts

Does someone have the list of parts included in the “Ambika selected parts” kit that used to be on the shop ?
It has disappeared from the shop and I’d like to check it against my BOM to be sure I’m not missing parts or buying some twice.

12x Arduino-style 1x6 headers
12x 4.7uF non-polarized electrolytic cap
18x 100uF low-profile (7mm) electrolytic caps
6x 20 MHz quartz

Great, thank you !

Will this kit be back in the shop any time soon?
If not, would it make sense to organize some sort of a bulk order for people in the EU/Germany since these seem to be the only parts not being available from Reichelt?

How much are those parts if you buy them from mouser? You have to take customs and taxes into consideration, maybe it’s cheaper if everyone orders for himself?


Yeah, maybe you are right … I think there has been another discussion about that in the forum. I haven’t bought from Mouser yet and just want to avoid to buy from too many sources. Seems that I got a bit too lazy lately. :slight_smile:

I think buying everything from Mouser is a good plan - once you have more than 4 voicecards you go above their minimum order limit. There are no customs for Mouser orders - not sure how they do it, they probably have a warehouse in Europe.

Weird because my order from mouser was sent from Grand Prairie Texas, so they add customs to my order.

Mouser are seriously good. I love the way everything is so neatly packaged with even a plastic bag for a single resistor. I found that ordering three sets of parts for SMR boards came to just over 50 GBP, so FedEx shipping from Texas was free. Mouser add VAT (20% in the case of the UK) but pay any duty levied by customs. So, customs are involved but Mouser make it much easier by dealing with everything upfront.

@davide37 : don’t really agree with you about having a plastic bag per resistor being a good thing, it’s much much easier if they are packed together.
But unfortunately most electronic distributors do really ridiculous packaging.
I’ve had Farnell send me 10 padded enveloppes with a couple of components in each over a period of a few days, all from the same order.

well we need the garbage continent in the ocean to grow!

I really wish mouser would ship in smaller plastic bags. I try to save as many as I can and use them to store resistors. Just write the value on it and throw it in a box based on its decade. But those big ass bags are rediculous. 1 resistor in a pints worth of room. Digikey has a much better system, but their bags are heat sealed so they can’t be reused.

Wish I got free shipping in the US. But Mouser is seriously good.