Ambika SD card reader replacement


Would this part work as a replacement for the Ambika BOM´s SD card reader?

Mouser part 798-DM1B-DSF-PEJ82

The BOM´s reader is out of stock.


go on ebay find so sd card reader, there is a lot compatible with ambika, and there will be cheap as well ! just buy 5 for 3.99S free shipping.

So you are building another 4 Ambikas?

Thanks for the ebay info, but I am not looking for a cheaper alternative, I am ordering the whole BOM form Mouser, and the SD reader is not in stock.

The one I am looking at looks compatible, but I am not sure, it looks as though it is “mirrored” when you look at the pins, having the three close ones on the other side (left side).

I wonder if the whole pinout is reversed, maybe I could solder it the other way round by bending the pins?

You don’t wan’t to bend pins on smt solder stuf. There is another thread with replacement suggestions for that part

Thank you shifter I will read it.

On the other hand, the item I described is in my posession, I just went ahead and had it shipped with the rest of the BOM (only had to replace LEDs and this SD card reader).

Feature-wise on Mouser´s website both SD readers seemed compatible, but upon receiving it, I think they are mirrored.

If they are mirrored, is the spacing just off or are the pins´ functions also mirrored?

I still have to test this out on Ambika´s motherboard to confirm my suspicion, I am just comparing with the Assembly instruction photos.

Will post a followup as soon as I get back from work!

@Varthdader: all that info is in the datasheets, Mouser and other vendors usually provide direct links to those

If it is mirrored the part probably ment to be used upside down from the Ambika s one.
Just check it on the mobo

@fcd72 : haha, we only need moarrrr parts ! not 4, but maybe 2 ! i have to finish the first, abd don’t know which case to choose ! yours but i really don’t know which color, or a proper design ! hard choice here !

ilmenator: I did a compare on the sheets, and all I could see was that the “contact termination” was “solder” instead of the BOM´s “PCB”.

Is this why my part looks like it should be mounted “hanging” instead of “on” the mobo?

And also, Could I just mount it upside-down? or will the pinout be mirrored and thus wrong? If the pins are just conductors, it might work since the three close together are not used in Ambika.

no you can’t mount it upside down.