Ambika SD Card Reader out of stock at mouser - replacement?

Hello guys!

Long time reader, first time poster here. :wink:

The only components missing from my mouser BOM is this SD Card Reader. The one recommended is out of stock, and the lead time is 15 weeks to arrive! :S No way I’ll wait that long. The other places will charge me US$40 to send a US$3,00 part…

Well, I came accross this one:

538-67913-0002 (mouser part number)

Can anyone tell me if this one is going to work with ambika?? The datasheet of the recommended one is a total CRAP, no info at all, all I know it’s 9 pin, right angle PCB mount.


hi! and welcome,
i can’t tell about what part is ok as i’m tinkering with an offboard situation here.
but if you know a part that works and costs 40$ to send, maybe someone is willing to order it locally and forward it to you in a normal letter. i could do that if it’s in germany for example.

Hello rosch! Thanx!

Wow, that would be very kind of you :smiley:

The other place that seems to have it in stock is Farnell:

I don’t understand german, but it seems to be in stock lol

Well looking foward to hear from you, you tell me how much it will cost and I’ll send you the money via paypal.


I ordered this one
And it fits perfect!