Ambika SD Card I/O Error

I’m having issues with the SD Card on my Ambika, I scoured the forums for a solution, and it seems that everybody’s issues were solved by using the correct 4050N chip. I have already tried two of these - 74HC4050 - with no change. I scoped the SD Card slot and am seeing data and clock coming from the processor, but the SD card is only responding with slow high-low transitions. I have a few questions:

Should the SD Card Save/Load feature still function if the voicecards are not installed?

Would using an Atmega644 instead of Atmega644P cause this (or any other) issue?



I don’t think so.

Thanks for the help. Can you recommend anything else to try? I suppose it could be the sd card then - I’m using a 2GB Sandisk formatted FAT32 on a mac.

Are you sure it’s powered correctly?

The 3.3V regulator is providing 3.3V as it should.

Is it an SDHC card? I use a white label Sandisk.

It’s an older model 2GB SanDisk with a white label, it works without issue on my laptop, but maybe something’s wrong with it still? I will try to find another card to try. Could formatting it on a Mac cause the issue?

The older non SDHC are better, I seem to remember someone saying SDHC took longer to start and so the meant the card wasn’t always available after start up. You don’t need a big card anyway.

Mac format is fine, so long as its MBR and FAT.

My SD Card is this one:

Formatted MBR and FAT32 still get the error. I’ve replaced everything that could be the issue except the Atmega644 and the SD card slot, so I think I will do that next. I’ll just have to order those two things.

Try another card before replacing the card slot. Those AVR SD card implementations can be a little picky about the type and brand of card used.

Thanks @TheSlowGrowth That was it - I tried three more cards before I found a microsd card that would work. It was a 2GB Verbatim card that I had laying around - nothing special - which makes this issue more confusing.

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Hi Guys ,

yes Ambika and also TuBika is a little sensitive with the SD ram Cards.
Some SD ram cards works , some not and some - sometimes -or not .
I had in the past good results with a Sandisk 4Gb (4) but than from one day to the other it doesn’t work.
I think it is the charge of the 74HC4050. Some works - some not.
The solution i have is to use a micro SD ram card ( Sandisk 4…8 Gb with an adapter ).
This works here without problems in a few TuBikas