Ambika saved BOM / CART

Does anybody have a saved BOM / shoppingcart for the Ambika mainboard and filterboards? If not i wil make one and put them on the wiki.

I do for MoBo & 6 SVF for Mouser/digikey. I can put it up this evening.

I do for all PCBs: MoBo, SMR4, SVF, 4P .
all for mouser.
don´t know how to put this on the wiki.

I have the SMR mouser BOM it now also includes the arduino header
and updated for some parts they didn’t stock anymore (yellow led and .22uF cap)

And here is a Amika Motherboard Mouser BOM wich currently has some availability problems.

Here’s the Mouser BOM for Ambika MoBo + 6 SVF’s. It has everything except the Display, Power Supply & Hardware. It does include all of the Atmel’s.

Added a page to the Wiki for Mouser BOM’s

That’s awesome. Thanks for creating this.
A couple of questions leap to mind…

  • Did you wind up building one from this BOM, and how did it go?
  • Where did you wind up sourcing the display and power-supply from?
    Can’t wait to build one!

asked in another thread but is there a BOM for the hardware - spacers, screws ect. Ive got everything bar that and Im not sure what to get now - Ive also got mouser shopping carts for the 4pm, SVF and motherboards if anyone would like them - for Ambika

There is a BOM for that in the mechanical assembly page

And i can recomend getting 12 40mm spacers instead of 24 20mm for the MOBO.

I took the BOMs from this thread, updated them with the most appropriate parts i could find and placed my order. Be smart, check every single part.

Mother board

SMV voice card

I tried posting in another thread but no joy. Could anybody confirm that these mouser parts are ok as replacement for the DIP sockets?


It would be wonderful to see this thread kept up-to-date by those with experience. Seems some parts (like the dip sockets and “Buffers & Line Drivers HEX H/L LEVEL SHFTER”) are obsolete on Mouser. I’d love to see in the very first post, current BOM links for Mobo and each flavor card. :slight_smile: Let me know how I can help as I’m about to build my first.

What you can do, and what I just did, is to go through the list and select whatever Mouser suggests as a replacement. The socket substitutions all seem reasonable. The suggested hex level chip is still a 74HC4050 variant that’s not an SMD IC.

The “big” issue here is the Xicon polystyrene capacitor. It was chosen as the old, European parts had tight tolerances which is good in the critical parts on the VCF. The Xicon is specced as 5% so it ain’t all that. If you choose 220pF film caps you’ll find a couple of nice Wima caps with 2.5-3.5% tolerance. If you hunt for 1% tolerance you’ll most likely end up with a Kemet precision MLCC C0G ceramic, or a hideously expensive silver mica cap. The Wima caps will do just fine. The C0G caps or similar ceramics of the NPO/NP0 type are very low temperature drift so those are very high quality too.

Din sockets, you could pick any full-size 5-Pin DIN with the 180deg arch that’s PCB mounted. There are some Switchcraft, Deltron, CUI and what not to choose from.

Jojjelito, care to share your updated list? Perhaps Shiftr can edit the 1st post with the update for anxious new comers.

I did just what you said (it took some research and experience) but missed that the 220pF was a critical component.

Sorry, I don’t have an updated list per se. Usually, I just go by experience and gut feeling in these cases. I touched upon the problem issues as I saw them. The sockets can be replaced by those suggested by Mouser, the 74HC4050 with another brand 74HC4050, be it On Semi, ST, TI or whatever. I used these RS 220p 1% caps on 4pm.

Anyone has a saved cart for the 4P voicecards?
Would be great, thank you!