Ambika retrigger behavior VCA (LFO3) envelope when voice stealing occurs

Dear all,

just a quick question, since I could not find anything in the manual regarding this.

My freshly built Ambika (Tubika) shows the following behaviour:

  • Part 1 with 3 voice cards is active.
  • Play a three note chord.
  • Keep holding the three note chord and strike another note.
  • Ambika steals voice, but ignores VCA envelope, e.g. attack value is ignored and note is “played instantly”.

Behavior is consistent over all voice cards. env3 is assigned to VCA. env->lfo is active in LFO3.

Is this a normal behaviour of Ambika? Have I skimmed through the manual to fast? Bug? Feature?

Thanks in advance for providing some insight.



Well, after going through the forum I found this:

Will update firmware tonight and report if this fixes the issue.

Did a firmware upgrade using AMBIKA.bin publicy posted in this form on January 2015. Behaviour still there.

This is the intended behaviour.

When a note is retriggered or stolen, the envelope does not go back to 0, but start from whichever level it was playing at when the trigger event occurs.

See this explanation

Thanks for the info, Oliver. Starting to like it. Was a little confused.